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@jlstevens jlstevens released this Jan 31, 2019 · 15 commits to master since this release

This release contains a major update to both the PyViz environment and the tutorial materials. The two main changes to the tutorial materials consisted of updating all the materials to replace the use of IPython magics with the new and now recommended HoloViews .opts API. Additionally all examples using the paramnb and parambokeh libraries have now been replaced with the new panel library which is much more capable.

The other major changes were to the dependencies which were updated to the latest versions of both the PyViz and PyData ecosystems. In particular there are major updates to HoloViews, GeoViews, hvPlot, and the addition of the newly published panel library.

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@jbednar jbednar released this Oct 12, 2018 · 39 commits to master since this release

Adds support for recent Panel versions. Still requires dev releases of some packages, so installation is from the pyviz dev channel.

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Oct 2, 2018
Begin releasing 0.9.13
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