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Q2A Ultimate Widgets Question2Answer Question2Answer Themes

Widget Pack for Question2Answer(Question & Answer community platform) is In BETA and not yet approved for public use. I'm currently adding widgets and necessary features to it.


Q2A Ultimate Widgets is a free and open-source Question2Answer Plugin providing a number of usefull and new widgets for your Q&A site.


  1. Download Plugin and extract "q2a-ultimate-widgets" directory.
  2. upload it to your Q2A site's plugin directory (e.g. qa-plugin/q2a-ultimate-widgets).
  3. In Q2A, login as administrator and go to Admin > Layout and add new widgets available in widget's section.

Available Widgets

Question List

  • Activity
  • Recent
  • Hot
  • Most Answered
  • Most Viewed
  • Most Voted
  • Random Post
  • Questions from people I follow
  • Tab: combine other list in tabs
  • Category Posts: Questions from opened post's category
  • Reminder to choose best answer for user's questions with enought points in answers or enough number of answers


  • WordPress Login Form
  • Q2A Login Form


  • Ask form
  • Search form
  • Q2A Stats(General Site Stat)
  • Q2A Stats(Post Activity)
  • RSS Feed
  • Trending Topics
  • PHP Code Widget
  • Accessibility Widget(Buttons for live font size change and night mode)
  • MailChimp Widget

Static Content

  • Text & HTML
  • Image(optional link)
  • Button for Modal Pop Up
  • Video(Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Soundcloud Widget
  • Alert widgets
  • Social Media Links
  • Random Content: Randomly open one of the added content from list of texts


  • Cache
  • Styling
  • Individual Widget Options
  • Conditional Widgets

Filters(Conditional Widgets)

  • Visitors/Users
  • Moderators,Admins/Users
  • Mobile/Desktop
  • User Points

Do Later(Lower Priority):

  • Social: Twitter, Google+, FaceBook
  • Google Plus Badge Widget
  • Google Maps
  • Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Github
  • Flickr Stream
  • Patreon Button & Widgets
  • Posts from specific category
  • Image Slider
  • Post Carousel
  • WordPress SignUp(Tab with login form)
  • Q2A SignUp Tabs
  • Merge widget's css files into a single file and use it instead of seperate files


This free plugin is created by Towhid, from QA-Themes.com. we create professional Question2Answer Themes and plugins and provide customization services. checkout our free Question2Answer Themes and Plugins.


this theme and all it's source code is published under [MIT License]. you are free to use or change it in any way you like, just don't remove the attribution.

About Question2Answer

Question2Answer is a free and open source PHP and MySQL based platform for creating Question & Answer sites. For more information visit Q2A's official site at question2answer.org