Question2Answer plugin that reads external RSS feeds of a given website and shows it as a widget in your Q2A site
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Q2A Feed Widget Question2Answer Q2A Themes


This plugin will show latest RSS feeds as a widget. it can be used to show latest blog posts in your Q2A site.


  • Showing posts from any standard RSS Feed on your or other domains(WordPress, Forums, News Sites, ...)
  • Caching for minimum load time
  • Allows "NoFollow" or "Do Follow" links for better SEO customization
  • Allows showing Thumbnails from RSS feeds


  1. Download and extract "Q2A-feed-widget" directory
  2. Upload it to your Q2A's plugin directory (e.g. qa-plugins/Q2A-feed-widget).
  3. In Q2A go to Admin > plugins and set up plugins option, then save the form.
  4. Visit Admin > layouts and add it’s widget anywhere you like.

if your website is wordpress then you can get your Feed URL using this address: for more information read WordPress's RSS feed.


This plugin was tested with both Q2A 1.6 & Q2A 1.7 and it should work with older versions too.


This free plugin is created by Towhid Nategheian, from check out our Free Q2A Product:


this plugin and all it's source code is Copylefted.

About q2A

Question2Answer(Q2A Platform) is a free and open source script for building Question & Answer websites. For more information, visit it's official site at