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QATrack+ is an open source program for managing the quality control program of radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging clinics.


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Copyright 2012 The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Center

QATrack+ is a fully configurable, free, and open source (MIT License) web application for managing QA data for radiation therapy and medical imaging equipment. QATrack+ is now used in many hospitals and clinics around the world! Visit the QATrack+ homepage at

QATrack+ is deployable on most operating system/server/database platform combinations. It was developed in the popular Python programming language using the Django web framework so that QC data may be entered, reviewed, and analyzed using a web browser.

The main features include:

  • Ability to define QC tests via an user-friendly interface. Configuration settings are available for data type (Boolean, float, computational result, or multiple choice selection), test frequency (due/past due dates), reference values, and tolerance and action levels. Test configurations can be grouped and assigned to multiple units/devices to reduce configuration workload, and to simplify the configuration maintenance.
  • Several options for trending numerical data via control charts and other tools. Data can be filtered by unit, date, or frequency, and can also be exported for external analysis.
  • Support for multiple, unique user groups (e.g. administrators, physicists, assistants, therapists, etc) with user & group-specific privileges and test lists, as well as a configurable user authentication system.
  • Easily integrate test procedures into data entry forms via embedded html or links to external documentation.
  • Save incomplete work and complete it a later date.
  • Configure a review/approval process with additional options for classifying data. The software also allows reviewers to easily differentiate between measurements performed as part of investigative work, or as part of routine QC testing.
  • Integrated Service Log for tracking service events and machine downtime
  • Parts tracker for tracking spare parts on hand, part costs and vendors
  • Optional and configurable email notifications.
  • The flexibility to host on an intranet or www, requiring minimal resources from IT departments. Can optionally be managed within a physics department if permitted by local institution policies.

Documentation & Release Notes

The latest version is 3.1.1 Please review the release_notes before installing or upgrading.

The documentation for versions 0.3.0+ can be found online and is where you should start if you are interested in installing or helping develop QATrack+.

Documentation for earlier versions of QATrack+ (v0.2.7-v0.2.9) can be found in the QATrack+ Wiki on BitBucket.

Important notes regarding 3rd party code in QATrack+

QATrack+ relies on a number of open source projects, many of which are distributed along with QATrack+; licenses covering their usage and modification are either included along with the source code files or embeded directly in the source (or a url where you can find it).


QATrack+ is an open source program for managing the quality control program of radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging clinics.







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