Discovered cause of "I/O Error" notificiation bug. #6387

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qBittorrent version and Operating System:

v3.3.10 / Arch Linux
Note: this is not a version-specific bug. I have had it on multiple versions in the past.

If on linux, libtorrent and Qt version:

libtorrent: / Qt: 5.7.1

What is the problem:

Repeated "I/O Error" notifications.

What is the expected behavior:

No "I/O Error" messages.

Steps to reproduce:

Okay, so I've had this bug a few times and I always thought it was related to the amount of torrents I had running, but I'm pretty certain I've discovered the true cause.

  1. Add a torrent to your client and start downloading it.
  2. Part way through the download, open the "Content" tab and uncheck a partially downloaded item.

That's it. Do that and you should start getting flooded with notifications before long about I/O errors. That said, I haven't tested this much so it might only happen with certain torrents for unknown reasons.

If you can't reproduce the bug by unchecking a file, try unchecking a folder instead.

Extra info(if any):

To get the error messages to go away, all one has to do is manually delete the partially downloaded file/folder and they will stop.

It seems like this bug would be fairly easy to fix by simply telling qBittorrent to remove unchecked files from the hard drive, but I don't think that would be the best solution since if somebody accidentally unchecked a very large file it would mean re-downloading hours or possibly even days worth of data (depending how well-seeded the torrent in question is).

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