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Import 3d python library by default in console

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nyalldawson committed May 28, 2020
1 parent 1f835df commit 601a71717407af3a1f6a544c65a9244074824662
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@@ -36,7 +36,8 @@
from .ui_console_history_dlg import Ui_HistoryDialogPythonConsole

_init_commands = ["import sys", "import os", "import re", "import math", "from qgis.core import *",
"from qgis.gui import *", "from qgis.analysis import *", "import processing", "import qgis.utils",
"from qgis.gui import *", "from qgis.analysis import *", "from qgis._3d import *",
"import processing", "import qgis.utils",
"from qgis.utils import iface", "from qgis.PyQt.QtCore import *", "from qgis.PyQt.QtGui import *",
"from qgis.PyQt.QtWidgets import *",
"from qgis.PyQt.QtNetwork import *", "from qgis.PyQt.QtXml import *"]

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