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Push upstream changes in installer logic from 0.8 branch
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timlinux committed Feb 22, 2007
1 parent 6f7eea3 commit d6f69f7
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Showing 4 changed files with 471 additions and 224 deletions.
19 changes: 19 additions & 0 deletions win_build/README.txt
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Expand Up @@ -7,7 +7,26 @@ The installer script has an optional data
download part. This requires an NSIS
plugin available here:

Follow the instructions on that page before
attempting to run the installer.

NOTE: the zipdll.nsh at the download was
broken at time of writing this. Use the
one provided in this directory instead
(still copy it to your nsis include dir

The NSIS installer now expects the qgis
binaries to be packaged to exist in
c:\Program Files\qgis<version> (the old
c:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgs-release path is deprecated)

Set the PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER in qgis.nsis
before running. This will allow having multiple
development versions on the same machine and
being able to package them without issue.

203 changes: 0 additions & 203 deletions win_build/qgis-debug.nsi

This file was deleted.

54 changes: 33 additions & 21 deletions win_build/qgis.nsi
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Expand Up @@ -2,7 +2,9 @@

; HM NIS Edit Wizard helper defines
!define PRODUCT_NAME "Quantum GIS"
!define PRODUCT_VERSION "0.8 Titan"
!define PRODUCT_DIR_REGKEY "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\qgis.exe"
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -81,7 +83,7 @@ FunctionEnd
; MUI end ------

OutFile "qgis_setup.exe"
OutFile "qgis_setup${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}.exe"
InstallDir "$PROGRAMFILES\Quantum GIS"
InstallDirRegKey HKLM "${PRODUCT_DIR_REGKEY}" ""
ShowInstDetails show
Expand All @@ -93,23 +95,25 @@ Section "Quantum GIS Application" SEC01
SetOutPath "$INSTDIR"
SetOverwrite try
;------- Qt
File "C:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release\QtCore4.dll"
File "C:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release\QtGui4.dll"
File "C:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release\QtNetwork4.dll"
File "C:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release\QtXml4.dll"
File "C:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release\QtSvg4.dll"
File "C:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release\mingwm10.dll"
File "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\QtCore4.dll"
File "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\QtGui4.dll"
File "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\QtNetwork4.dll"
File "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\QtXml4.dll"
File "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\QtSvg4.dll"
File "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\mingwm10.dll"
;------- qgis Related
File "C:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release\*.dll"
File "C:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release\*.exe"
File "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\*.dll"
File "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\*.exe"
;------- proj and gdal Related
File "C:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release\*.csv"
File "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\*.csv"
File /r "C:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release\grass"
File /r "C:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release\lib"
File /r "C:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release\share"
File /r "C:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release\nad"
File /r "C:\dev\cpp\qgis\qgis-release\msys"
File /r "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\grass"
File /r "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\lib"
File /r "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\share"
File /r "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\nad"
File /r "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\msys"
;qt plugins
File /r "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\plugins"

; Shortcuts
; Next line is important - added by Tim
Expand All @@ -134,21 +138,29 @@ Section "Sample Data - Spearfish (GRASS)" SEC02
!insertmacro ZIPDLL_EXTRACT "$INSTDIR\SampleData\" "$INSTDIR\SampleData\" "<ALL>"
;ZipDLL::extractall "$INSTDIR\SampleData\" "$INSTDIR\SampleData\"
;the next line is a hack / workaround for a problem in zipdll.nsh
;!endif commented by freddy to solve the sample data extracting problem,
;also is neccesary to download header file for nsi from :

Section "Sample Data - Alaska (Non GRASS)" SEC03
SetOutPath "$INSTDIR\SampleData\Alaska\"
NSISdl::download alaska.tar.gz
; File "C:\dev/cpp/qgis/\qgis-release\SampleData\EnvironmentLayers\2050\A1F\Annual_dev/cpp/qgis/erature_range.asc"

Section "Development headers" SEC03
SetOutPath "$INSTDIR\include"
File "C:\Program Files\qgis${PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER}\include\*.h"

Section "Sample Data - Alaska (Non GRASS)" SEC04
SetOutPath "$INSTDIR\SampleData\Alaska\"
!insertmacro ZIPDLL_EXTRACT "$INSTDIR\SampleData\Alaska\" "$INSTDIR\SampleData\Alaska" "<ALL>"
; Shortcuts
!insertmacro MUI_STARTMENU_WRITE_BEGIN Application

Section -AdditionalIcons
!insertmacro MUI_STARTMENU_WRITE_BEGIN Application
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