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The CLI version of MEGAJS
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The CLI version of MEGAJS, inspired by megatools.

Work in progress: download, upload, list and mkdir should be working, but they're not fully tested. Also the following features aren't implemented: automatic thumbnail generation, loading configuration from a file and caching.


You can download a standalone binary or install from NPM using npm install -g megajs-cli.


To make this tool easier to MEGA users the commands are the same of megatools, same with the arguments. Results differ: if it breaks some automation script open a issue.

But there is a difference: instead of having multiple executables this tool just have one. Instead of "megacommand" use "megajs command". Example: "megajs dl" instead of "megadl". You can use also the longer name, shown below, like "megajs download".

Arguments for all commands:

  • -u --username <email>: account email
  • -p --password <password>: account password
  • --no-ask-password: don't prompt interactively for a password
  • --proxy <url>: proxy server to use, more info on request documentation
  • --speed-limit <speed>: limit download/upload speed, if no unit is specified it defaults to KiB/s
  • --config <path>: load configuration from a file
  • --ignore-config-file: ignore user's .megajsrc
  • --version: show package info then exits

dl: download

Downloads shared files and folders

# downloads a test file to the current folder
megajs dl <shared file or folder>
megajs dl!N90lwbqL!MkbqwNRYPF4uFCN35zetE3PHOzP-NQc20hasZxPg5k8

If a folder is specified each file will be downloaded. If the download file exists it will not be replaced.

Supported arguments:

  • --path <dir>: directory to download to, defaults to current working directory, use - for stdout
  • --connections <num>: the number of parallel connections, defaults to 4
  • --no-progress: do not report progress
  • -c --continue: continue an interrupted download

You can download single files in folders by specifing the file handle:

$ megajs ls --human --long --header "!ExampleE!xampleExampleExampleEx"
Handle   Owner    T    Size Mod. Date           Filename
HandleAA OwnerID 0 1.0 KiB 1970-01-01 00:00:00 example-1.txt
HandleZZ OwnerID 0 2.0 KiB 1970-01-01 00:00:00 example-2.txt

$ megajs dl "!ExampleE!xampleExampleExampleEx!HandleAA"
example-1.txt was downloaded

You can also use regular expressions and glob expressions, like wget:

  • -A acclist --accept acclist: only download files which match the specified glob expression
  • -R rejlist --reject rejlist: don't download files which match the specified glob expression
  • --accept-regex urlregex: only download files which match the specified regular expression
  • --reject-regex urlregex: don't download files which match the specified regular expression
  • --ignore-case: ignore case when matching files
$ megajs dl "!ExampleE!xampleExampleExampleEx" -A "*1.txt"
example-1.txt was downloaded

put: upload

Uploads files to MEGA

# downloads a test file to the current folder
megajs put test.txt

Supported arguments:

  • --path <dir>: directory to upload to, defaults to root directory
  • --preview <path>: upload custom preview image (JPEG 75%, maximum width and height = 1000px)
  • --thumbnail <path>: upload custom thumbnail image (JPEG 70%, 120x120px)
  • --no-progress: do not report progress
  • --disable-previews: disable automatic thumbnails and preview images generation

Note that the underlining library don't support parallel connections when uploading, but pull requests adding this feature are appreciated.

ls: list

Lists files in remote folders

# list all files from a user
megajs ls

# list files from a user folder
megajs ls /Root

# list files from a shared folder
megajs ls "!98NDUTDK!3GatsuNoLion-IsAmazing"

Supported arguments:

  • -h --human: format size values instead of returning bytes
  • -l --long: long format, showing node handle, node owner, node type, size, modification date, then filename
  • -h --header: add an header to the result
  • -n --names: show file names instead of full paths and hide folders
  • -R --recursive: list all files and folders recursively, default when no path specified

In order to keep compatibility sharing functions are handled by this command:

  • -e --export: export the selected file or folder
  • -k --key <key>: exported folder key (22 character string ending with A, Q, g or w)
    Keys don't need to be random: use when your folder contents are meant to be public and you want nicer URLs.


Creates a folder in MEGA

megajs mkdir "/Root/Example"
megajs mkdir "/Root/Example Folder"

Creating a folder in contacts isn't supported.

thumbnail / preview

Uploads a thumbnail or preview image to a already uploaded file.

# Upload a thumbnail image
megajs thumbnail /Root/RemoteFile.ext thumbnail-image.jpg
# Upload a preview image
megajs preview /Root/RemoteFile.ext preview-image.jpg

The thumbnail and preview images follow the same rules as in the put command. Any file accepts thumbnails and preview images, so be creative.

Known issues:

Registration (megareg) and quota commands (megadf) aren't supported because the underlining library doesn't support it. Would be great if someone send a pull request adding those features.

File and folder removing (megarm), copying files (megacopy) and downloading files where logged in (megaget) aren't supported by now because the main focus by now is implementing functions that may help MEGA scripting, and seems those functions are less used on scripting than the others.

Maybe the current speed limit implementation will only reduce file writing speed, not download speed: this feature wasn't well tested and implemented yet.

This application don't validates images passed to preview and thumbnail commands. Try to follow the specifications for the images to avoid bugs in other clients.


Part of the CLI code was inspired on Firebase CLI by Firebase and WebTorrent CLI by WebTorrent, LLC, both MIT Licensed.

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