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This is a wrapper around net/http/httptest to make unit test easy.
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What we want ?

In development we found the advantages of unit tests, and golang it self provides good test tools.

However, some test tools are too board, we have to add a layer for using it.

As well as the gorequest does to http.Request, we add a layer on httptest to make http unit test easy.

How to use it?

As the Testing Your (HTTP) Handlers in Go says, write a http unit for a http handler is a boring work.

We just simplify it into some several lines:

//badHandler is a handler always returns 400
func badHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
	http.Error(w, "not a regular name or password", http.StatusBadRequest)

//We want to test if it returns 400, we could write:
New("/bad", badHandler, t).Do().CheckCode(http.StatusBadRequest)

//So the 200 is as follows:(this is always fail)
New("/ok", badHandler, t).Do().CheckCode(http.StatusOK)

//Add header to request, and just do a request, using POST:
New("/", badHandler, t).Post().AddParams("name", "value1").AddParams("nam22", "value3").Do()

//Add cookie to request, and test if the response body contains a certain string:
New("/", cookieHandler, t).Get().AddCookies(cookie).Do().CheckBodyContains("testcookievalue")

//Just get the *http.ResponseRecorder, do every thing your self.
rr = New("/dump", headerHandler, t).Post().AddParams("name", "value1").Do().GetResponseRecorder()

//Get the cookie, for further testing
cookie = New("/dump", headerHandler, t).Post().AddParams("name", "value1").Do().GetCookie()

//We forget to add parameter to request
New("/ok", badHandler, t).AddParams("a", "aa").AddParams("b", "bb").Do().CheckCode(http.StatusOK)

//Use http basic auth:
New("/bad", badHandler, t).SetBasicAuth(username, password).Do().CheckCode(http.StatusBadRequest)

//Use your self-defined http.Request:
New("/bad", badHandler, t).SetRequest(req).Do().CheckCode(http.StatusBadRequest)

//And more in test file and source code.

Don't forget .Do().

What we did and roadmap?

  • Add common layer for request.
  • Add common header, parameter for request.
  • Do wrapper on httptest.ResponseRecorder
  • Do better wrapper on body test, such as json.
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