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This repo is merged into QMK every few weeks. This repo exists to take PR strain off the core QMK team
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QMK Dicts/Combos

Ever wanted to do some crazy stuff with combos or onboard steno? Here's a big repo for you to include into your keymaps. You may need to do some configuration on your part, for the documentation hit up


Dictionaries are layered ontop of each other at compile time, you specify these in dicts.def and combos.def respectively. This system allows the easy integration of other users combos and a simple way to break out combos by functionality.

If you have a cool dictionary, please submit a PR against the respective directory!


This is a set of dicts that templates macros ontop of QMK. Use this for augmenting your current setup with multi-chords! You can browse the avalible combo lists in combos/


This is the onboard chording engine for all sorts of fun shenanigans. Be aware that this currently is a bit of a QMK replacement focused on pure chording. Take a look at the configuration in keyboards/ginny for ideas, all these dicts are stored over in dicts/


You will need to add the following bits to your, refer to keyboards/gergoplex for a working example VPATH += keyboards/gboards/

And if you're using the chording engine, this as well. SRC += g/engine.c

For combos, add #include "g/keymap_combos.h" to keymap.c to compile your combos.def into your keymap

For the chording engine, add #include "g/keymap_engine.h" to keymap.c compile your dicts.def into your keymap. If you don't have a config_engine.h file for your keyboard, you will need to create it. (Once again, look at keyboards/ginny/ for a example of how to do this.

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