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A headless testrunner for qooxdoo unit tests using the TAP protocol
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Qooxdoo TAP Testrunner

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The is a TAP testrunner for Qooxdoo.


Online Demo

Adding an testrunnner to your own code

$ npx qx package update
$ npx qx package install qooxdoo/qxl.testtapper
$ echo 10 > .nvmrc
$ npm i puppeteer yargs nyc coveralls puppeteer-to-istanbul

Now edit the "myapp.test.*" entry in your compile.json file to point to the test classes in your own application.

$ npx qx serve

Then browse to http://localhost:8080. You will see that you now have a new application listed, the "Qooxdoo testTAPper", that you can click on the link to run. The output of the application may be a bit underwhelming ... have a look at the debug console to see the action.

If you want to run the tests from the command line you need a headless browser to run the tests. TestTAPper uses the puppeteer node module which comes with a built in copy of headless chrome and is thus very simple to use

$ node source-output/resource/qxl/testtapper/run.js http://localhost:8080
$ node_modules/.bin/nyc report --reporter=text-lcov | node_modules/.bin/coveralls

if you start run.js without arguments it ouputs a little help

Developing API Viewer

Clone this repo and compile it:

    $ git clone
    $ cd qxl.testtapper
    $ qx serve

Then open http://localhost:8080

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