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Starlib - Starlark's Missing standard Library.

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This is a community-driven project to bring a standard library to the starlark programming dialect. We here at Qri need a standard library, and we thought it might benefit others to structure this library in a reusable way. We are a little biased towards our needs, and will be shaping the library primarily toward's Qri's use case.

Question Answer
"What's starlark?" It's a python-like scripting language open-sourced by Google. Here are the docs
"What's the use-case for this?" We're building it for Qri ('query')
"I want to play with starlib outside of Qri" Checkout the starlark playground
"I have a question" Create an issue
"I found a bug" Create an issue
"I would like to propose a new package" You should think about creating an RFC


The following is a list of the packages currently in the standard library

Package Go Docs Description
bsoup Go Docs a beautiful-soup-like API for working with HTML
encoding/base64 Go Docs base64 de/serialization
encoding/csv Go Docs csv de/serialization
encoding/json Go Docs alias for
encoding/yaml Go Docs yaml de/serialization
geo Go Docs 2d geographic operations
hash Go Docs hash operations (md5/sha1/sha256)
html Go Docs html text processing
http Go Docs http client operations
math Go Docs mathematical functions & values upstreamed into go-starlark
re Go Docs regular expressions
time Go Docs time operations, upstreamed into go-starlark
xlsx Go Docs xlsx file format reading
zipfile Go Docs support for zip archives
This documentation has been adapted from the Cycle.js documentation.