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Google's open source code library for the quantum world


  1. Cirq Public

    A python framework for creating, editing, and invoking Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) circuits.

    Python 3.6k 824

  2. qsim Public

    Schrödinger and Schrödinger-Feynman simulators for quantum circuits.

    C++ 328 114

  3. OpenFermion Public

    The electronic structure package for quantum computers.

    Python 1.3k 345

  4. ReCirq Public

    Research using Cirq!

    Python 230 109

  5. Stim Public

    A fast stabilizer circuit library.

    C++ 157 48

  6. The Fermionic Quantum Emulator (FQE) is a fermionic simulation research tool specializing in quantum circuits emulating fermion dynamics.

    Python 39 21



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