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A python framework for creating, editing, and invoking Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) circuits.
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Cirq is a Python library for writing, manipulating, and optimizing quantum circuits and running them against quantum computers and simulators.

Build Status Documentation Status

Installation and Documentation

Cirq documentation is available at

Documentation for the latest unstable version of cirq (tracks the repository's master branch; what you get if you pip install cirq-unstable), is available at

Documentation for the latest stable version of cirq (what you get if you pip install cirq) is available at

Hello Qubit

A simple example to get you up and running:

import cirq

# Pick a qubit.
qubit = cirq.GridQubit(0, 0)

# Create a circuit
circuit = cirq.Circuit(
    cirq.X(qubit)**0.5,  # Square root of NOT.
    cirq.measure(qubit, key='m')  # Measurement.

# Simulate the circuit several times.
simulator = cirq.Simulator()
result =, repetitions=20)

Example output:

(0, 0): ───X^0.5───M('m')───


We welcome contributions. Please follow these guidelines.

We use Github issues for tracking requests and bugs. Please post questions to the Quantum Computing Stack Exchange with the cirq tag. For informal discussions about Cirq, join our cirqdev Gitter channel.

See Also

For those interested in using quantum computers to solve problems in chemistry and materials science, we encourage exploring OpenFermion and its sister library for compiling quantum simulation algorithms in Cirq, OpenFermion-Cirq.

Alpha Disclaimer

Cirq is currently in alpha. We are still making breaking changes. We will break your code when we make new releases. We recommend that you target a specific version of Cirq, and periodically bump to the latest release. That way you have control over when a breaking change affects you.

Cirq is not an official Google product. Copyright 2019 The Cirq Developers

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