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We exploit the integration of econometrics, data science and machine learning methods to understand and inform the process of economic development.


  1. nb-py-quarcs nb-py-quarcs Public

    Python computational notebooks to explore and learn

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  2. nb-r-quarcs nb-r-quarcs Public

    R computational notebooks to explore and learn

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  3. pysal-env pysal-env Public template

    Online environment to run spatial Jupyter notebooks using the Python Spatial Analysis Library (PySAL)

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  4. data-quarcs data-quarcs Public

    Datasets of the QuaRCS lab

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  5. r-spatial-env r-spatial-env Public template

    An environment to run spatial R-markdown notebooks

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  6. mendez2020-convergence-clubs-code-data mendez2020-convergence-clubs-code-data Public

    Data and code to replicate the findings of Mendez(2020). Includes a Stata tutorial: Convergence test and identification of clubs using Stata

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