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Unified Queries for Java
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Querydsl is a framework which enables the construction of type-safe SQL-like queries for multiple backends including JPA, MongoDB and SQL in Java.

Instead of writing queries as inline strings or externalizing them into XML files they are constructed via a fluent API.

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Getting started

Use these tutorials to get started


Querydsl example projects


Free support is provided in the Querydsl Google Group and on StackOverflow.

How to build

Querydsl provides releases via public Maven repositories, but you can also build the sources yourself like this

$ mvn -DskipTests=true clean install

For more information visit the project homepage at

Vagrant/Puppet setup

For running tests, a Vagrant/Puppet setup is provided. It is based on Ubuntu 12.04 and comes with the following databases:

  • Oracle Express Edition 11g
  • PostgreSQL 9.1.10
  • MySQL 5.5.34
  • Cubrid 9.2

You will need to install VirtualBox, Puppet, Vagrant, the vagrant-vbguest plugin and librarian-puppet. You will also need to download the Oracle XE 11g installer file ( manually and place it in the devops directory.

To launch the virtual machine:

$ cd devops
$ librarian-puppet install
$ vagrant up

All of the databases' default ports are forwarded to the host machine. See the Vagrantfile for details.

How to contribute

GitHub pull requests are the way to contribute to Querydsl.

If you are unsure about the details of a contribution, ask on the Querydsl Google Group or create a ticket on GitHub.

Continuous integration

Querydsl uses Cloudbees for Jenkins based CI


As well as Travis CI for pull request validation

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