qutebrowser v0.1.1

@The-Compiler The-Compiler released this Dec 28, 2014 · 12627 commits to master since this release


  • Windows releases are now built with Qt 5.4 which brings many improvements and bugfixes.
  • Clean up and temporarily disable alias completion.
  • Set window icon.
  • Ask the user when downloading to an already existing file.
  • Add a troubleshooting section to the FAQ.
  • Display IPC errors to the user.
  • Rewrite keymode handling to use only one mode which also fixes various bugs.
  • Save version to state config.
  • Set zoom to default instead of 100% with :zoom/=.
  • Adjust page zoom if default zoom changed.
  • Force tabs to be focused on :undo.
  • Replace manual installation instructions on OS X with homebrew/macports.
  • Add a network -> proxy-dns-requests option.
  • Allow min-/maximizing of print preview on Windows.
  • Add "Remove finished" to the download context menu
  • Open and remove clicked downloads.
  • Add a qutebrowser.ico file for Windows.
  • Various documentation improvements.
  • Various other small improvements and cleanups.


  • Fix setting of QWebSettings (e.g. web fonts) with empty strings.
  • Re-focus web view when leaving prompt/yesno mode.
  • Handle :restart correctly with Python eggs.
  • Handle an invalid cwd properly.
  • Fix popping of a dead question in prompter.
  • Fix AttributeError on config changes on Ubuntu.
  • Don't treat things like "31c3" as IP address.
  • Handle category being None in Qt message handler.
  • Force-include pygments in freeze.py.
  • Fix scroll percentage not updating on some pages like twitter.
  • Encode Content-Disposition header name properly.
  • Fix item sorting in NeighborList.
  • Handle data being None in download read timer.
  • Stop download read timer when reply has finished.
  • Fix handling of small/big fuzzyval's in NeighborList.
  • Fix crashes when entering invalid values in qute:settings.
  • Abort questions in NetworkManager on destroyed.
  • Fix height calculation of download view.
  • Always auto-remove adblock downloads when done.
  • Ensure the docs gets included in freeze.py.
  • Fix crash with :zoom.


Thanks to the following people who contributed since v0.1:

  • Florian Bruhin
  • John ShaggyTwoDope Jenkins
  • Martin Zimmermann
  • Larry Hynes
  • Joel Torstensson
  • Regina Hug
  • Helen Sherwood-Taylor