qutebrowser v0.1.2

@The-Compiler The-Compiler released this Jan 10, 2015 · 12627 commits to master since this release

This is a bugfix only release, with all bugfixes since v0.1.1 cherry-picked:

  • Fix rare exception when a key is pressed shorly after opening a window (ab121a9)
  • Fix exception with certain invalid URLs like http:foo:0 (a463038)
  • Work around Qt bug which renders checkboxes on OS X unusable (22761b4)
  • Fix exception when a local files can't be read in :adblock-update (78f6f3a)
  • Hide 2 more Qt warnings. (6166ea5)
  • Add !important to hint CSS so websites don't override the hint look (4d4065d, 81f350e, c78e938)
  • Make init_venv.py work with multiple sip .so files. (4b98e6e)
  • Fix splitting with certain commands with an empty argument (""/''). (11f8ab1)
  • Uncheck sending of debug log by default when private browsing is on. (0449da0)
  • Fix uppercase hints. (99fb8a5)
  • Fix segfaults if another page is loaded while a prompt is open (SSL, javascript, ...) (8d49e00)
  • Fix exception with invalid ShellCommand config values. (965c176)
  • Add SSL info to version info. (896da1c)
  • Replace unencodable chars (filesystem encoding) in download filenames. (8f33fcf)
  • Remove hosts-file.net from blocker default lists. (b059f40)
  • Fix user-stylesheet setting with an empty value. (b63ce43)


Thanks to Error 800 and Matthias Lisin for contributing bugfixes for this release!