qutebrowser v0.1.3

@The-Compiler The-Compiler released this Feb 12, 2015 · 12627 commits to master since this release

This is a bugfix only release, with all bugfixes since v0.1.2 cherry-picked:

  • Don't show line edit text in its repr(). (b44d7c0)
  • Handle shutdown of page with prompt correctly. (b852dae)
  • Various small logging improvements. (f146003, a09503d, 659fa02)
  • fuzzy_url: handle invalid URLs with autosearch off (2403e5b)
  • Handle explicit searches with auto-search=false. (9b05455)
  • Abort download override question on error/cancel. (e957796)
  • Set a higher z-index for hint labels. (1de82a2)
  • Don't open relative files in fuzzy_url with :open (54eed6a)
  • Various crashdialog improvements. (c0bc636, 5c9718c, 7655313, c42c196, 2f55e21, a5264bd, 5f310b4, 00003e4, 30ac341, 49943ef, 6f831c2, 302929b)
  • Hide adblocked iframes. (51549fc)
  • Close contextmenu when closing tab to avoid crash. (38a236a)
  • Fix statusbar quickly popping up as window. (a065568)
  • Clean up NetworkManager after downloads finished. (4abd708)
  • Fix restoring of cmd widget after an error. (d37064a)
  • Fix retrying of downloads after the tab is closed. (9625791)
  • Fix some check_libraries() for arch (b2a0193)
  • Handle all IPCErrors properly. (bfd2ef8)
  • Handle another webelem.IsNullError with hints. (0842dc1)
  • Handle UnicodeDecodeError when reading configs. (8011a3c)