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Operating system for x86_64 based around a "keep it simple and make it work" philosophy.
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qword - A KISS Unix-like operating system, written in C and Assembly for x86_64.

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We have a Discord server with all the developers for any question, support, contribution, or just chat!


  • SMP (multicore) scheduler supporting thread scheduling.
  • Program loading with minimal userspace.
  • Fully functional VFS with support for several filesystems.
  • Support for AHCI/SATA.
  • ATA disk support.

Build requirements

In order to build qword, make sure to have the following installed: wget, git, bash, make (gmake on *BSD), meson, ninja, gcc/g++ (8 or higher), nasm, xz, autoconf, and QEMU (to test it).


# Clone repo wherever you like
git clone
cd qword/host
# Let's first build and install the echfs-utils
git clone
cd echfs
# This will install echfs-utils in /usr/local
sudo make install
# Else specify a PREFIX variable if you want to install it elsewhere
#make PREFIX=<myprefix> install
# Now build the toolchain (this step will take a while)
cd ../toolchain
# You can replace the 4 in -j4 with your number of cores + 1
./ -j4
# Go back to the root of the tree
cd ../..
# Build the ports distribution
cd root/src
# Now to build qword itself
cd ../..
# You might need to use gmake instead of make here on FreeBSD
make clean && make img               # For a standard release build
make clean && make DBGOUT=qemu img   # For QEMU console debug output
make clean && make DBGOUT=tty img    # For kernel tty debug output
make clean && make DBGOUT=both img   # For both of the above
make clean && make DBGSYM=yes img    # For compilation with debug symbols and other debug facilities (can be used in combination with the other options)
# And now if you wanna test it in qemu simply run
make run
# If that doesn't work because you don't have hardware virtualisation/KVM, run
make run-nokvm
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