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Download tumblr-mode.el into your load-path, then add following code into your ~/.emacs:

(require 'tumblr-mode)

And you can also specify your tumblr settings in `~/.emacs', it's optional:

  • tumblr-email registered email in
  • tumblr-password registered password in
  • tumblr-hostnames the group name you want to post

For example:

(setq tumblr-email ""
      tumblr-password "yyy"
      tumblr-hostnames '(""

Notice: Tumblr API does not supply HTTPS connection neither v1 nor v2, so please make sure your network environment is safe, and take care your password at your own risk.


Manage posts

You can list all your regular posts by M-x tumblr-list-posts in a buffer named *tumblr-mode*, then you can view and edit them.

If you want to list posts by specified hostname, tag and state, call C-u M-x tumblr-list-posts.

Create posts

Call M-x tumblr-new-post and give it a title to create a new post.

You can also specify title, tags, etc. in the header of the post (as octopress). For example:

title: one owesome article from tumblr-mode
tags: tumblr-mode, emacs
state: published


After that, run M-x tumblr-save-post to submit your post to

Thanks and enjoy it.

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