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usethis 1.1.0

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@hadley hadley released this 21 Nov 22:09

New helpers

  • browse_github(), browse_github_issues(), browse_github_pulls(),
    browse_cran() and browse_travis() open useful websites related to
    the current project or a named package. (#96, #103).

  • create_from_github() creates a project from an existing GitHub
    repository, forking if needed (#109).

  • use_cc0_license() applies a CC0 license, particularly appropriate for data
    packages (#94)

  • use_lifecycle_badge() creates a badge describing current stage in
    project lifecycle (#48).

  • use_pkgdown() creates the basics needed for a
    pkgdown website (#88).

  • use_r("foo") creates and edit R/foo.R file. If you have a test file open,
    use_r() will open the corresponding .R file (#105).

  • use_tidy_versions() sets minimum version requirement for all dependencies.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • use_dev_version() now correctly updates the Version field in a package
    description file. (@tjmahr, #104)

  • use_revdep() now also git-ignores the SQLite database (#107).

  • use_tidy_eval() has been tweaked to reflect current guidance (#106)