Information related to solving the PD2 secret.
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Payday 2 Secret

Information for solving the secret in PD2.



  • 4 players with achievements unlocked
  • Host must have solved Piano puzzle in safehouse

How To Solve

Obtain and Display required items in the Safehouse

Specific trophies need to be obtained and displayed to start the initial puzzle:

  1. Bain's Guide

    No Mercy - Normal

  2. The Elephant's Coffer

    Breakin' Feds - Normal

  3. The Healer's Coffer

    Golden Grin - Normal Henry's Rock - Normal

  4. The Medallion of Perseids

    Brooklyn Bank - Overkill

  5. The Obsidian Plate

    Shacklethrone Heist - Normal

  6. The Scribe's Coffer

    Henry's Rock - Normal

  • Once you have these, display them and enter the safehouse
  • Pickup the medallion and use it to open coffers

Unlock list of "Obsidian" achievements in Safehouse

You need to unlock a list of achievements in safehouse to complete, dictated by the Obsidian Tablet. Once all the required display items are done (above), goto the piano in Scarface's office and hit the following keys in order.

Piano Keys

This will stop the device from rotating. Interacting with the device will reveal ciphered riddles. These turn out to be required achievements to enable the secret.

You can translate all 20 displayed for your account which appears to be individual (meaning you have to translate), or be safe and just do all 57 here.

These are listed here with translations:

  1. Diamonds are Forever

    When the four thieves stole precious rocks from the small store they left before the law could get to the scene.

  2. A Good Haul

    In the house of capitalism the four thieves stole a large amount of valuables before making their escape.

  3. I Will Pass Through Walls

    Under the cover of night and shadows the thieves stole many bags of valuables and not a single drop of blood was spilled.

  4. All Eggs in One Basket

    The four thieves placed their loot in the street, then a large bird came and took it all in one single swoop.

  5. Hostage Situation

    The four thieves guarded the innocent until they made their escape with the valuable bounty from the house of carbon.

  6. But Wait - There’s More

    From a well guarded transport the Four Thieves found out about a secret shipment containing a valuable weapon.

  7. We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

    As The four thieves stole the valuable weapon they also took all the munitions they could find.

  8. Self Checkout

    When the four thieves were asked to destroy a large store their actions were as fast as they were devastating

  9. Platinum Card (Or: “Yeah, He’s a Gold Digger”)

    The four thieves strolled down the street cleaning out each stop they passed despite every effort the law couldn’t stop them.

  10. What’s in the Box?

    Great value rained from the sky and the four thieves opened any packages in their quest for riches

  11. Let’s do th...

    The four thieves stole a valuable head ornament so fast that no one had a chance to react.

  12. They Don't Pay Us Enough

    The four thieves were asked to steal something very dangerous they took everything of value and left nothing behind.

  13. Bring It Back Safe

    As the earth shook the four thieves stole ten boxes of great value.

  14. Let Them Boogie

    As people were dancing to the music the four thieves crept through the shadows and stole what was locked away.

  15. The Grinch

    As the snow fell, the fours thieves attacked a large store and took everything of value.

  16. Out of bounds

    The four thieves were surrounded on the docks but they kept their enemies away from the loot until it was all sent away

  17. Lord of War

    On the day that burned the four thieves absconded with all the elements of death.

  18. Full Measure

    In an old abandoned house the four thieves made as much blue as they could with the resources available.

  19. Doctor Fantastic

    The four thieves with all their wit could identify the mechanism they needed to steal with the greatest of ease.

  20. I Wasn't Even There!

    Under the cover of darkness the four thieves quietly stole the valuable metal and replaced it with white dust.

  21. I'm A Swinger

    The four thieves influenced the world around them and changed the course of society without anyone ever find out.

  22. Don't bring the Heat

    The four thieves robbed the largest bank ever built without alerting the law.

  23. Walk Faster

    A house full thugs and low lifes could not stop the four thieves from reaching their target.

  24. Watch The Power Switch!

    The four thieves held their ground as their friend worked and because of their efforts he was completely uninterrupted.

  25. Silent But Deadly

    When the four thieves were betrayed their revenge was precise and quiet no one knew they had been there until it was too late.

  26. Cat Burglar

    The four thieves stole a rare rock of great value and importance without anyone noticing that they were there.

  27. High Roller

    The four thieves attacked the house of smiles and fortune they quickly opened the vault and found their goal.

  28. I've got the Power

    By the docks the four thieves went about their business without interruptions.

  29. Pump It Up

    In the forest four thieves kept the pipe from their river intact.

  30. Settling a Scar

    The four thieves attacked the mansion with great speed and ferocity.

  31. Sound of Silence

    As the party was in full swing the four thieves went about their business and none ever knew they were there.

  32. Dr. Evil

    The four thieves once created for themselves a large fortune.


    The hidden vault was hard to find and difficult to open but the four thieves worked together and claimed the legendary treasure.

  34. Remember, No Russian

    As the liquid turned to vapor the four thieves watched over the dead never letting their power by taken away thereby staving off the darkness.

  35. Hazzard County

    The four thieves stole goats and hidden treasures once the deed was done they quickly made their escape together.

  36. Santa Slays Slackers

    The four thieves guarded the packer as they prepared the next shipment even as the law came charging in.

  37. Gone in 240 seconds

    When stealing from the saddlers workshop the four thieves did so in a great hurry.

  38. Full Throttle

    The four thieves attacked a train in motion they quickly made it to the last cars to see what they were after and made it to their escape.

  39. Quick Draw

    A room full of riches, a house full of thugs. The four thieves were quick and deadly and before anyone knew it all the thugs were dead.

  40. A Rendezvous With Destiny

    The four thieves made their way through the abandoned building and quickly found their charge.

  41. Pacifish

    The four thieves did not spill blood while on the boat.

  42. Not Even Once

    The four thieves interrupted a deal of great value but even though they were surrounded and cornered no one fell in the onslaught that followed.

  43. Making a Statement

    Surrounded, the four thieves overcame grave danger and escaped the house of massacre.

  44. Clean House

    The four thieves snuck into the mountain keep and they stole everything of value kept there.

  45. 1...2...3... JUMP!

    On the day they came in to the word flying through the heavens the four thieves all fell together.

  46. It's Nice To Be Nice

    The four thieves were surrounded in the street but they fought their way through the onslaught of enemies and not a single innocent was harmed.

  47. Attacked Helicopter

    The four thieves rescued the incarcerated man. They shot the large bird that tried to stop them from sending them into safety.

  48. The Fuel Must Flow

    In a place of ice and snow, the four thieves made their vessel seaworthy without the guards being able to stop them.

  49. Blood Diamond

    The four thieves overcame incredible difficulties in obtaining the blood stained jewel.

  50. Waste Not, Want Not

    In the famous store for rings and rare stones the four thieves took everything of value despite the best efforts of the law.

  51. All the Gold in Brooklyn

    For every month in the year four thieves would take tribute from the institution.

  52. Stalker

    The four thieves understood the importance of never letting the quarry out of your sight until the task of destroying your nemesis complete.

  53. Hack This!

    As the four thieves emerged from the mountain they were met by a hail of bullets but they easily out matched their foes.

  54. Press [F] to pay Respects

    The four thieves found someone who deserved their respect.

  55. Beacon of... nope

    When the four thieves came to the aid of their long lost friend they knew darkness was their ally.

  56. Keeping the Cool

    In a place of healing the four thieves stole a vial of vile blood with speed and threats they keep all the people under control.

  57. Looting in the Dark | Oppressor

    While Stealing A bomb from a train the four thieves did not spill a single drop of blood

    Please confirm which achievement unlocks

Complete whitehouse on overkill or higher mission as normal. Once in the bunker, cut left and see painting. If requirements are met it will glow gold. Remove the painting. Host will then recieve C4; enter room and go down elevator.

You will see room with 4 levers and a wheel. The outer wheel is a riddle, and the inner wheels provide a way to answer.

  • Language is RIGHT to LEFT, answers should be put in from RIGHT to LEFT, on the outer most ring inwards.


Translate characters using this table: Image of Translation

The translation on the rings for the answer are as follows

  • X/J are interchangeable
  • All wheels wrap around
  • If you mess up an answer, you will be reset to the first riddle
  • There are 4 riddles to answer


Known riddles with answers are here. The first image is the wheel match. The second image is the symbol combination in the center.

The legacy of Alessandro Cagliostro calls to the eastern STAR


In the sand-covered lands of the pharaohs, I am followed by the missing LIGHT


Twins exchange a breath, the third sibling is banished until it RETURNS

algol algol

Upon the terrace of riches and wealth, I hold what all who behold me DESIRE

jewel jewel

Among old recovered things, four couples are eternally locked in their LOVE


I must face two to ascend, lest I meet my final journey in this CHALLENGE


With my companions wisdom and ferocity that which i fly over that is my LAND


That of the watcher which will be consumed in the voice of SUMER


I can be trusted to guard the great wealth of the land but do not trust my WORDS

apate apate

At the gates of silent memory, the lizard god speaks thy NUMBER

lahun lahun

In the temple of gold and white, I bind myself to my psyche FOREVER

cupid cupid

I am the bearer of the greatest gifts, I give what you seek THE MOST

giant giant

I stand in front of the humble man on the wicked path as a COMPANION

sword sword