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Lightweight & extensible template library for .NET 3.5 and above.
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Cottle: Compact Object to Text Transform Language


Cottle is an open-source (BSD) template engine designed to be light, efficient and extensible. If you never used a template engine before, here is a simple example about how it could be used:

  • A program of yours generated some structured data, for example a list of products with associated name, description, quantity and price for each of them.
  • You want to make out an invoice from this list, meaning you want to render them as a formatted output like an HTML page, an XML document or a plain text file.
  • By writing a template, which is a file that describes how your inputs should be rendered to produce the final invoice, Cottle allows you to manage this data transform. Once your template is ready, it can be re-used with any products list as long as it keeps the same structure (to keep with our example, products with names, descriptions, quantities and prices).

Template files must be written using Cottle's specific template language, as explained in the user manual (see "Installation" section).


This repository contains a Visual Studio 2010 C# solution with two projects:

  • Cottle, the library itself, which is the project you'll include in your own solution if you want to use it. It is compatible with .NET 3.5 and above.
  • Demo, a simple Windows Form test program that allows you to write templates directly in a text box and render them using predefined data.

User manual (the "manual.html" at repository root, also available through explains how to use the library, and contains a lot of code examples.


This project is open-source, released under BSD licence. See "LICENSE" file for more information. Any contribution would be of course highly welcomed!


Rémi Caput (cottle [at] mirari [dot] fr)

If you use my library, please drop me a line!

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