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Qucs-S is special Qucs build with unofficial spice4qucs patchset integrated by default.

This Release Candidate 8 (RC8) is synchronized with the Qucs-0.0.19-RC2 release candidate and contain some minor bugfixes. Package structure is the same for previous RC7 release candidate Qucs-S could be installed in one installation root with Qucs.



Binary package

You can use prebuilt binary DEB-package for Debian-8. Ubuntu-16.04 is also tested. Download and install it with dpkg:

dpkg -i qucs-s-0.0.19S-RC8_x86_64.deb

You may need to install the following dependencies: lib4qt4-qt3support, libqt4-svg, ngspice

Building from source

If your Linux distribution is not Debian-based, then you will need to build Qucs-S from source:

  • Install all necessary dependencies: Qt, C++ compilers, etc.
  • Install desired simulation backends: Ngspice, XYCE, SpiceOpus. You can use all these backends together or only one of them. Install basic Qucs (0.0.18 or newer) if Qucsator is needed.
  • Download and unpack tarball
  • Use CMake to compile. Autotools doesn't support this installation mode and will not work!
  • Invoke make and make install

The complete command sequence to build Qucs-S is following:

tar xvfz qucs-0.0.19S-RC7.tar.gz
cd qucs-0.0.19S-RC7
mkdir builddir
cd builddir
cmake ..
make install

The last command make install should be executed from root user. It will install Qucs-S into default prefix /usr/local/. No additional configure options are needed now.


You need to use binary installer for Windows. You need to download and install Ngspice and/or XYCE manually from official websites: respectively.

It's recommended special build of Ngspice-26 for Windows . Default Ngspice package also will work but it may have some limitation. Custom Ngspice build solves the following issues:

  • Windows GUI of Ngspice is disabled. It allows Qucs-S to obtain logs from Ngspice.
  • Added CMPP preprocessor and C headers set mandatory for development of CodeModel libraries. Default Ngspice build is shipped without it.



Run qucs-s from the command line or launch Qucs-S icon in your desktop environment menu after installation. You will need to select default simulation backend at the first run. You can change it later in application settings.


Launch Qucs-S in the system Start menu. You will also need to select default simulator on the first application start. You will need to set default simulator at the first run. Correct simulator paths setting is necessary for Windows.