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Treehouse FEWD Project 2 - Mobile-first Responsive Layout
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Treehouse Front End Web Development Project 2

Mobile-first Responsive Layout

☑️ - Meet expectations requirement
- Exceeds expectations requirement

Created folder structure
☑️ - Project containes a stylesheet inside of a CSS folder

Mobile-first design
☑️ the HTML file includes viewport meta tag in <head>
☑️ mobile-first appraoch is utilized using min-width properties for media queries
☑️ media queries in place to match screen sizes for tablets (768px) and desktops (1024px)

Design and layout
☑️ matches general spacing and arrangement of elements of mockups for mobile, tablet and desktop
☑️ a Google Font is being used for the text
☑️ a new background color for the main section
☑️ the color of portfolio items p has been changed to a light grey
☑️ one additional Google Font has been added and used (designer name)
☑️ additional styling for links added (hover to blue)

Navigation and sections
☑️ Navigation menu items have working links to anchored IDs
☑️ <nav> tag is used for the navigation bar
☑️ additional 'skills' section added with a working link in the navigation bar linking to anchor tag

Valid code
☑️ HTML and CSS code pass validation

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