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Typed Racket

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Typed Racket is Racket's gradually-typed sister language which lets you add statically-checked type annotations to your programs. For more information, see the Typed Racket Guide.


Typed Racket is bundled in the default Racket distribution, which you can download from Racket's download page.

You can also manually install it from the main package catalog with the following command:

raco pkg install typed-racket


The documentation is also bundled in your local copy of Typed Racket.

Directory Guide

The directory rfcs holds requests for changes to Typed Racket.

The directory source-syntax allows the source-syntax collection to report errors in macro-expanded code by mapping each location in the expanded code to the right location in the source file.

The directory typed-racket bundles together the Racket content of the two directories typed-racket-doc and typed-racket-lib.

The directory typed-racket-compatibility provides Typed Racket under old names for backwards compatibility.

The directory typed-racket-doc contains Scribble documentation.

The directory typed-racket-lib houses the actual implementation of Typed Racket.

The directory typed-racket-more has typed interfaces for additional libraries.

The directory typed-racket-test has test cases for Typed Racket.


Racket, including these packages, is free software, see LICENSE for more details.

By making a contribution, you are agreeing that your contribution is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license and the MIT license.