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The Physical Ops Automation Specialists

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  1. pxe-book Public archive

    Working on PXE Book

    Python 25 2

  2. Terraform Provider for Digital Rebar Provision

    Go 19 10

  3. netwrangler Public archive

    NetWrangler is a mostly compatible network interface configuration utility. The utility is a lightweight statically compiled single binary which makes it highly portable and easy to use …

    Go 10 4

  4. gohai Public archive

    Simple #Golang system inventory tool that generates JSON. Maintained as part of Digital Rebar Provision tools.

    Go 6 2

  5. digitalrebar-ux Public archive

    Angular User Interface for Digital Rebar

    JavaScript 2 7

  6. multi-site-demo Public archive

    Showcase Multi-Site Management Features

    Shell 2 2


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