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easy setup cross-platform chroots
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This project provides an easy way to setup chroots from different architectures like ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, ...

It works by bindings the basic mount points from the real system and then running qemu-${arch} mixed with chroot to get a working shell on the target platform.

It was initially named 'mmsdk' as 'minimal maemo sdk', but it is no longer depending on maemo, so it can run any other distribution and supports much more CPUs.

how to use it

1.- Edit '' and select 'ARCH' and 'DIST'

2.- Type 'sudo make'.

3.- Enjoy

deprecated notes

apt-get update cp maemo/bin/true maemo/usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure apt-get install vim libgtk2.0-dev libhildon1-dev libxml2-dev libsoup2.4-dev

Problem with pango? maybe you have no cp -rf /usr/share/fonts maemo/usr/share/fonts

Wanna full SDK apt-get install maemo-sdk-dev

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