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Added esil break on invalid instruction variable #10823

merged 3 commits into from Jul 27, 2018
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Just for now

@@ -2435,6 +2435,7 @@ R_API int r_core_config_init(RCore *core) {
SETI ("esil.stack.addr", 0x100000, "Number of elements that can be pushed on the esilstack");
SETPREF ("esil.stack.pattern", "0", "Specify fill pattern to initialize the stack (0, w, d, i)");
SETI ("esil.addr.size", 64, "Maximum address size in accessed by the ESIL VM");
SETPREF ("esil.breakoninvalid", "false", "Break esil execution when instruction is invalid");

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radare Jul 27, 2018

Maybe good to try to have this enabled by default?

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fcasal Jul 27, 2018
Author Contributor

We can try, but in r2 it's less important than in cutter since you can always ^C when it starts sledding on invalids.

/* asm */
//asm.os needs to be first, since other asm.* depend on it
@@ -3236,6 +3236,7 @@ R_API int r_core_esil_step(RCore *core, ut64 until_addr, const char *until_expr,
RAnalOp op = {0};
RAnalEsil *esil = core->anal->esil;
const char *name = r_reg_get_name (core->anal->reg, R_REG_NAME_PC);
bool breakoninvalid = r_config_get_i (core->config, "esil.breakoninvalid");
if (!esil) {
// TODO inititalizeEsil (core);

@@ -3310,6 +3311,10 @@ R_API int r_core_esil_step(RCore *core, ut64 until_addr, const char *until_expr,
// update the esil pointer because RAnal.op() can change it
esil = core->anal->esil;
if (op.size < 1 || ret < 0) {
if (breakoninvalid) {
r_cons_printf ("[ESIL] Stopped execution in an invalid instruction (see e??esil.breakoninvalid)\n");
return_tail (0);
if (esil->cmd && esil->cmd_todo) {
esil->cmd (esil, esil->cmd_todo, addr, 0);
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