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VLevel 0.5.1

What is VLevel?

VLevel is a tool to amplify the soft parts of music so you don't have to fiddle with the volume control. It looks ahead a few seconds, so it can change the volume gradually without ever clipping. Because the volume is changed gradually, "dynamic contrast" is preserved.

This repository is a fork of the original vlevel code since the last release of the original source is from 2004. Although this, the code is robust and it works pretty much unmodified nowadays. We imported from the old CVS repository and added a new module in order to use it as a JACK client. After several months of test in a working production (a 24/7 broadcasting environment) we can confirm that the software is reliable.

What are the supported platforms?

We know VLevel to work in Linux and OSX environments. At this moment we cannot test it on other platforms, but we encourage you to collaborate.

How do I install VLevel?

See the file INSTALL. For the impatient: sudo make install

How do I use VLevel?

Original VLevel is a filter, meaning you pipe raw CDDA (Compact Disc Digital Audio) data to it, and it outputs the leveled data.


vlevel-bin < in.cdda > out.cdda

There are options to control the length of the look-ahead buffer, the strength of the effect, and the maximum amplification, as well as the format of the raw data. Type vlevel-bin --help for details.

VLevel works also as a JACK Audio Connection Kit client.

For example

vlevel-jack --length 22050 --max-multiplier 20 --strength 0.8

will create 2 capture ports and 2 playback ports on the JACK graph that can be used in combination with any other JACK client.

VLevel also works as a LADSPA plugin. See the Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plugin API website for a lists of hosts that VLevel can plug into.

What other features are planed?

a Lv2 Plugin and a GUI (especially for vlevel-jack)

Can I distribute VLevel?

Please do. VLevel is licenced under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), for more information, see the COPYING file.

Where can I get more info?

There is documentation in the docs directory. Documentation, help, and more are also available from the original project's website.

Also support, our beloved webradio :3