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momo1986 commented Mar 26, 2020

Hello, dear Mediapipe guys.

I want to inference the hand pose with Mediapipe model and my own model.

I have my own tf-lite models, it can work on the RGB bitmap.

I try to query the RGB bitmap from input frame with data packet.

My code is

private static final String INPUT_VIDEO_STREAM_NAME = "input_video";
processor.addPacketCallback(INPUT_VIDEO_STREAM_NAME, (packet)->{
jmidt commented Aug 19, 2019

We need some good graphics for the main sampler screen. This is where you can do rudimentary editing of the samples that are played in the sequencer.
There are two screens. The main screen with the controls:

  • Volume (this one may be changed later)
  • Speed (Playspeed. The sample also pitches up or down)
  • Filter (in the middle the sound is unchanged, away from center it engages either hi-pass

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