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Welcome to the scads wiki. Scads is broken into the following subprojects:

  • avro plugin - the avro-scala-compiler plugin that takes classes annotated with AvroRecord or AvroPair and adds methods at compile-time to make them avro serializable.
  • comm - network based message passing layer
  • config - configuration file loading / parsing. more on scads config files
  • demo - The RAD Lab demo project enables one to start and manipulate an EC2 cluster running the fully integrated RAD Lab software stack.
  • deploylib - helper scripts for controlling the rcluster and ec2 machines either using SSH or Mesos
  • director - the scads realtime resource provisioning director
  • perf - various performance tests
  • piql - the piql langauge, optimizer and execution engine
  • repl - a lift webapplication that provides a browser based REPL (like a scala interactive interpreter)
  • scalaengine - the scads bdb based storage engine and client library

How to get and build SCADS

Check out SCADS using the url from github (found at http://github.com/radlab/scads)

Ex: git clone git@github.com:radlab/SCADS.git

To build SCADS, Follow the instructions in the Readme (the most up to date version of which can be viewed at: https://github.com/radlab/SCADS).