Simple Beat for ElasticSearch statistics
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Use your elasticsearch to store your cluster's statistics easy with only elastic components!! :) Current version of ElasticBeat works with Elasticsearch as stated in table below.

Current status: development release. Further development and fine-tuning is in progress.

If you have any ideas or issues, please contribute. I expect that fields and statistics will settle down over time to reflect user's needs


Simple beat for ElasticSearch cluster (and/or nodes) statistics. This beat requests statistics from your elastisearch cluster via available API. Following API is currently supported:

  • /_cluster/health
  • /_cluster/stats
  • /_nodes/stats/process,jvm,os,fs,thread_pool,transport,http,breaker,script

You can decide which statistics to store. Configure your options in elasticbeat.yml config file:

  cluster: true
  nodes: true
  health: true

Upload ElasticBeat template:

curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/_template/elasticbeat' -d@elasticbeat.template.json

Important Note

In order to have consistent Node statistics, you need to set unique node names for each node of your elasticsearch cluster.

In configuration file elasticsearch.yml: testnode1

How to run it

This is simple run guide.

To run Elasticbeat on Windows follow Windows run guide.

Kibana guide

This is simple KIBANA guide.

Compatibility matrix

Current development version of Elasticbeat was tested against elasticsearch in table.

Elasticsearch Elasticbeat
2.0 DEV version
2.1 DEV version
2.2 DEV version
2.3 DEV version
5.0 alpha DEV version


ElasticBeat example 1 ElasticBeat example 2