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Deliberately insecure Kubernetes test clusters built using kind
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Kind of Insecure

This is a collection of kind configuration files that can be used to create deliberately vulnerable clusters, for the purposes of security testing/training.

Each cluster has a single vulnerability which can be exploited.

  • insecure-port.yaml - This has the insecure port enabled on the API server.
  • etcd.yaml - This has client authentication disabled on the ETCD server.
  • unauthenticated-rw-kubelet.yaml - This has the Read/Write Kubelet port (10250/TCP) available without authentication.
  • ro-kubelet.yaml - This has the Read-Only kubelet port (10255/TCP) available without authentication.

After installing kind each test cluster can be brought up using a command like this

kind --config insecure-port.yaml --name insecure create cluster

You can then find out the IP address of the container on the docker0 network with something like

docker inspect -f '{{range .NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}' insecure-control-plane

and test away from there.

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