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Animated Curved Navigation Bar in Flutter
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pub package

A Flutter package for easy implementation of curved navigation bar.


Add dependency

  curved_navigation_bar: ^0.1.26 #latest version

Easy to use

  bottomNavigationBar: CurvedNavigationBar(
    backgroundColor: Colors.blueAccent,
    items: <Widget>[
      Icon(Icons.add, size: 30),
      Icon(Icons.list, size: 30),
      Icon(Icons.compare_arrows, size: 30),
    onTap: (index) {
      //Handle button tap
  body: Container(color: Colors.blueAccent),


items: List of Widgets
initialIndex: Initial index of Curve
color: Color of NavigationBar, default Colors.white
buttonBackgroundColor: background color of floating button, default same as color attribute
backgroundColor: Color of NavigationBar's background, default Colors.blueAccent
onTap: Function handling taps on items
curve: Curves interpolating button change animation, default Curves.easeOutCubic
duration: Duration of button change animation, default Duration(milliseconds: 600)

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