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Django makes it really easy to send simple e-mail messages. But e-mails sometimes gets really complicated and un-DRY. That's where ClassyMail steps in.

Django-ClassyMail is a library for building e-mail messages in a fashion similar to django's class based views.

You can create mixins, override attributes with keyword arguments and there's a lot of builtin functionality. Just like class based views.

Django-ClassyMail will handle css inlining, timezone, language and urls for you.

Read the docs for more info:

And here's an example:

class UserEmail(ClassyMail):
    Sets language and timezone according to user preferences, adds "user" to
    template context and sets recipient to user's email address.
    user = None

    def get_timezone(self):
        return self.user.get_profile().timezone

    def get_language(self):
        return self.user.get_profile().language

    def get_to(self):
        return []

    def get_context_data(self):
        data = super(UserMixin, self).get_context_data()
        data['user'] = self.user
        return data

class WelcomeEmail(UserEmail):
    html_template_name = 'emails/welcome.html'
    text_template_name = 'emails/welcome.txt'

    def get_subject(self):
        return _("Welcome %s! Thanks for joining us!") % self.user.first_name
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