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⚠️ Check out my newer theme BlogRa which has a better UI and is better maintained.


A modern hugo theme for awesome blogs



Site features

  • Google search bar
  • Google Analytics
  • Social sharing bar (facebook, twitter, reddit)
  • Comments with Disqus
  • Customizable navbar
  • Admin panel (Not a real admin panel though. It simply shows the summary of the total number of posts, tags and sections)
  • Mobile responsive- works great across desktops, tablets and mobiles
  • SEO friendly (Opengraph, Twitter cards)

Blogging features

  • Attractive landing page with article/tag links everywhere
  • Add featured images to posts
  • Making sections for related articles (for example tutorials on a topic)
  • Add code snippets
  • Add math equations
  • Add tags to articles and list articles by tags
  • Add chord to lyrics (CSS style for ChordSheetJs)

Future plans

  • Google adsense
  • Suggestions for reading more articles at the end of an article
  • Support for facebook comments

Installation & Update

$ # install
$ mkdir themes
$ cd themes
$ git submodule add ramium

$ # update
$ git submodule update --remote --merge

If you want to know more information, see Hugo doc.


  1. Make sure you follow the template structure of the examplesite (including the config.toml)
  2. When you manually create files by following quick start (step4), you should command hugo new posts/<filename>.md instead of hugo new post/<filename>.md.
  3. For the admin panel, sections list and author page to work the 'addons' directory must not be deleted.
  4. Detailed instructions are coming soon here.

config.toml example

baseURL = ""

languageCode = "en-us"
theme = "ramium"

title = "Ramium"
disqusShortname = "disqus-code"
googleAnalytics = "analytics-code"
pluralizeListTitles = false
enableemoji = false

    description = "A description for the meta tag of the site"
    googleSearch = "google-search-code"
    showDate = true # make false if dont want to show date for evergeen articles
    math = false # best to enable this in the front matter of a page
    githubLink = "rafed/ramium/"

    tagsInHome = 40     # set zero to not show in home page
    sectionsInHome = 5  # set zero to not show in home page
    paginatePostsPerPage = 5
    paginateTagsPerPage = 6

    tag = "tags"

    unsafe = true

        name = "Home"
        url = "/"
        weight = 1

        identifier = "blog"
        name = "This Blog"
        weight = 2
                parent = "blog"
                name = "All Tags"
                url = "/tags/"
                weight = 1
                parent = "blog"
                name = "All Sections"
                url = "/sections/"
                weight = 2
                parent = "blog"
                name = "All Posts"
                url = "/posts/"
                weight = 3
        name = "Author"
        url = "/authorr/"
        weight = 3

Frontmatter example

title: {{ replace .Name "-" " " | title }}
date: {{ now.Format "2006-01-2" }}
tags: [tag1, tag2]
image: "/image/blog-pic.jpg"
description: "A smalll description"
showDate: true/false    # to enable/disable showing dates
math: true              # to enable showing equations (katex)
chordsheet: true        # to add chordsheet styelsheet


If you find problems with the theme raise an issue. Also, contributions/pull requests are welcome.