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About Garima Jain
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Garima Jain, also known as @ragdroid is working as an Android Engineer at Over. Previously she has worked with Fueled Noida and Bharti Soft Bank (Hoppr, Hike). She is also an international speaker and an active technical blogger. She has done her post-graduation from IIT Jodhpur.


Coolest \m/

Social Links

Community Experience

Technical Writing Experience

She likes to share her findings and experiments with the community and here's a list of the articles written by her.

In addition to the above articles, there are many more lying in the "Drafts" which are not decent enough to share :P

Open Source Projects

She has the following open-source demo projects :



MVP Plugin for Android Studio

Some Client Projects on Play Store

Research Paper Publications

Thank you for reading this looong post about Garima Jain.

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