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Plugin for to open the current directory in iTerm2. This overrides the built-in function for opening the directory in Terminal. You can set a preference for always opening in a new tab or not. If you change the preference file, you have to reload fman to take effect.

Install with fman's built-in command for installing plugins.

After restarting fman, you will be able to open the current directory in iTerm2.


Pressing shift-o will open the current directory in iTerm2. You can use the new commands below to open iTerm2 windows in the current directory and for having iTerm2 follow your directory changes.

New Commands

Set Open iterm2Tab off

This command turns off tab mode so that a new tab will not be created.

Set open iterm2tab on

This command turns on tab mode so that a new tab will be created.

Toggle open iterm2tab

This command toggles the tab mode.

Toggle Follow Left Pane iTerm2 and Toggle Follow Right Pane iTerm2

These commands will toggle the follow directory changes for the left and right panels.


  • Opens current directory in iTerm2.