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Combination of some common desktop apps
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We move to Gitlab CuboCore

CoreBox is combination of some common desktop apps .For Linux Only.Licensed under GPL2 .


  • Version 2.2 released Thursday, July 26, 2018.
  • Here is the app download link .
  • See the fixed bug and new features here .

Changes in latest release

  • Total 130+ fixes in this release.
  • New Dark and Light mode.
  • Redesinged Start.
  • Added two new app CoreRenamer and CoreTerminal.
  • Improvements in Search and more in Release Notes .


  • To build see the buidinfo.txt in doc folder here


  • qt5
  • qt5-charts
  • qt5-svg5
  • qt5-multimedia
  • qt5-x11extras
  • qt5-webengine

Tested In

  • Manjaro xfce (Arch).
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
  • Qt toolkit vrsion 5.9 lts and 5.11.1 .

Known Bugs

  • Opening two dashboard ,crash the whole app.
  • Window movement needs right mouse hold.
  • Check the To-Do.txt in doc folder for known bugs.

Help Us

  • We need to add package for this app.DEB is in top if any one could guide us how to do that it will be helpful.
  • Also add the app in AUR.
  • Some of the apps has old code,so they have some issue in them.Please review the code and help us fix them.
  • See the "HelpUs" page in Help app for more problems.


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