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An online virtual garage sale platform that connects with PostMates for delivery.
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Garage Drop

Created By: Richard Huang, Alex Du, Brian Lai, Brian Li

This project was built for the 24 hr hackathon, HackMIT. The inspiration for this hack came from Facebook For Sale groups for colleges and we decided to generalize the problem to local Garage Sales. This web application allows users to create an account and post items they want to sell in their "garage". Buyers can see all the local sellers and buy anything they want just like at a garage sale or any For Sale group. However, our web app also connects directly to Postmates where the buyer can have the product they bought automaticaly delivered to them for a small fee. This brings convenience and ease to the For Sale and Garage Sale marketplace!

To run this on localhost all you need to do is enter: python

The web application is here hosted here: (username: bob, password: 123)

Github Repo:

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