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A very simple Chrome Extension that detects whether the Facebook post is clickbait or not. 👆
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This is Clickbait

Want to try this right away? Install it from the Chrome Web Store! (Special thanks to Saurabh Mathur)

Clickbait: content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page.

People continually fall for clickbait. Why? As Wired mentioned in its article on the psychology of clickbait: "Whether you think clickbait is on the rise, obscurant and self-negating, not such a big deal, or the root of all evil, one thing is clear about it: It's increasingly hard to pin down."

A lot of editors use clickbait in an effort to manipulate you or grab your attention. The difference with clickbait is you're often aware of this manipulation, and yet helpless to resist it. It's at once obvious in its bait-iness, and somehow still effective bait.

But with this small Chrome extension utilizing deep learning, one can easily identify whether an article on Facebook is clickbait or not.


If the article is "Not clickbait"

...And, if it is

For others, it lets you know the percentage of "clickbaitiness":

Why Facebook?

Because I think that's where the majority of clickbait articles are posted, and if you can see that the article is clickbait from within Facebook itself, then the problem is solved.

Installing This Chrome Extension

Option 1: From the Chrome Web Store

  1. Click here and choose "+ Add to Chrome"

Option 2: From source

  1. Clone this repo so you have a copy in a folder locally
  2. Open chrome://extensions in the location or go to Tools > Extensions
  3. Enable Developer mode by checking the checkbox in the upper-right corner
  4. Click on the button labelled Load unpacked extension...
  5. Select the directory where you cloned this repo
  6. Visit Facebook!


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