Added hidden_attributes method for default hidden attributes. #537

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Adds the ability to define hidden_attributes that are not rendered by default. For example, say you have a UserSerializer with a home_address attribute that you don't want to remember to exclude every time you use that serializer. Just define your serializer with hidden_attributes :home_address and then add the expose: :home_address option in the places where you do want home_address displayed.


What is the advantage of doing this, when attributes are already a white list?


It avoids defining a new class to display select attributes in exceptional cases.


We implemented same behavior in our app a bit different:

def filter(keys)
    default_keys = keys - hidden_attributes

    when @only.present?
      keys & @only
    when @expose.present?
      default_keys + @expose

This is out of date, and I'm still not convinced it's worth it. Thank you!


You're welcome.

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