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  • Fix stream closing when sending file with ActionController::Live included.

    Fixes #12381

    Alessandro Diaferia

  • Allow an absolute controller path inside a module scope. Fixes #12777.


    namespace :foo do
      # will route to BarController without the namespace.
      get '/special', to: '/bar#index'
  • Unique the segment keys array for non-optimized url helpers

    In Rails 3.2 you only needed pass an argument for dynamic segment once so unique the segment keys array to match the number of args. Since the number of args is less than required parts the non-optimized code path is selected. This means to benefit from optimized url generation the arg needs to be specified as many times as it appears in the path.

    Fixes #12808.

    Andrew White

  • Show full route constraints in error message

    When an optimized helper fails to generate, show the full route constraints in the error message. Previously it would only show the contraints that were required as part of the path.

    Fixes #13592.

    Andrew White

  • Use a custom route visitor for optimized url generation. Fixes #13349.

    Andrew White

  • Allow engine root relative redirects using an empty string.


    # application routes.rb
    mount BlogEngine => '/blog'
    # engine routes.rb
    get '/welcome' => redirect('')

    This now redirects to the path /blog, whereas before it would redirect to the application root path. In the case of a path redirect or a custom redirect if the path returned contains a host then the path is treated as absolute. Similarly for option redirects, if the options hash returned contains a :host or :domain key then the path is treated as absolute.

    Fixes #7977.

    Andrew White

  • Fix Encoding::CompatibilityError when public path is UTF-8

    In #5337 we forced the path encoding to ASCII-8BIT to prevent static file handling from blowing up before an application has had chance to deal with possibly invalid urls. However this has a negative side effect of making it an incompatible encoding if the application's public path has UTF-8 characters in it.

    To work around the problem we check to see if the path has a valid encoding once it has been unescaped. If it is not valid then we can return early since it will not match any file anyway.

    Fixes #13518.

    Andrew White

  • ActionController::Parameters#permit! permits hashes in array values.

    Xavier Noria

  • Converts hashes in arrays of unfiltered params to unpermitted params.

    Fixes #13382.

    Xavier Noria

  • New config option to opt out of params "deep munging" that was used to address security vulnerability CVE-2013-0155. In your app config:

    config.action_dispatch.perform_deep_munge = false

    Take care to understand the security risk involved before disabling this. Read more.

    Bernard Potocki

  • rake routes shows routes defined under assets prefix.

    Ryunosuke SATO

  • Extend cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection to GET requests with JavaScript responses, protecting apps from cross-origin <script> tags.

    Jeremy Kemper

  • Fix generating a path for engine inside a resources block.

    Fixes #8533.

    Piotr Sarnacki

  • Add Mime::Type.register "text/vcard", :vcf to the default list of mime types.


  • Remove deprecated ActionController::RecordIdentifier, use ActionView::RecordIdentifier instead.


  • Fix regression when using ActionView::Helpers::TranslationHelper#translate with options[:raise].

    This regression was introduced at ec16ba75a5493b9da972eea08bae630eba35b62f.

    Shota Fukumori (sora_h)

  • Introducing Variants

    We often want to render different html/json/xml templates for phones, tablets, and desktop browsers. Variants make it easy.

    The request variant is a specialization of the request format, like :tablet, :phone, or :desktop.

    You can set the variant in a before_action:

    request.variant = :tablet if request.user_agent =~ /iPad/

    Respond to variants in the action just like you respond to formats:

    respond_to do |format|
      format.html do |html|
        html.tablet # renders app/views/projects/show.html+tablet.erb { extra_setup; render ... }

    Provide separate templates for each format and variant:


    You can also simplify the variants definition using the inline syntax:

    respond_to do |format|
      format.js         { render "trash" } { redirect_to progress_path }
      format.html.none  { render "trash" }

    Variants also support common any/all block that formats have.

    It works for both inline:

    respond_to do |format|
      format.html.any   { render text: "any"   } { render text: "phone" }

    and block syntax:

    respond_to do |format|
      format.html do |variant|
        variant.any(:tablet, :phablet){ render text: "any" } { render text: "phone" }

    Łukasz Strzałkowski

  • Fix render of localized templates without an explicit format using wrong content header and not passing correct formats to template due to the introduction of the NullType for mimes.

    Templates like were subject to this issue.

    Fixes #13064.

    Angelo Capilleri, Carlos Antonio da Silva

  • Try to escape each part of a url correctly when using a redirect route.

    Fixes #13110.

    Andrew White

  • Better error message for typos in assert_response argument.

    When the response type argument to assert_response is not a known response type, assert_response now throws an ArgumentError with a clear message. This is intended to help debug typos in the response type.

    Victor Costan

  • Fix formatting for rake routes when a section is shorter than a header.

    Sıtkı Bağdat

  • Take a hash with options inside array in #url_for.


    url_for [:new, :admin, :post, { param: 'value' }]
    # =>

    Andrey Ognevsky

  • Add session#fetch method

    fetch behaves like Hash#fetch. It returns a value from the hash for the given key. If the key can’t be found, there are several options:

    • With no other arguments, it will raise an KeyError exception.
    • If a default value is given, then that will be returned.
    • If the optional code block is specified, then that will be run and its result returned.

    Damien Mathieu

  • Don't let strong parameters mutate the given hash via fetch

    Create a new instance if the given parameter is a Hash instead of passing it to the convert_hashes_to_parameters method since it is overriding its default value.

    Brendon Murphy, Doug Cole

  • Add params option to button_to form helper, which renders the given hash as hidden form fields.

    Andy Waite

  • Make assets helpers work in the controllers like it works in the views.


    # config/application.rb
    config.asset_host = ''
    # =>

    Fixes #10051.

    Tima Maslyuchenko

  • Respect SCRIPT_NAME when using redirect with a relative path


    # application routes.rb
    mount BlogEngine => '/blog'
    # engine routes.rb
    get '/admin' => redirect('admin/dashboard')

    This now redirects to the path /blog/admin/dashboard, whereas before it would've generated an invalid url because there would be no slash between the host name and the path. It also allows redirects to work where the application is deployed to a subdirectory of a website.

    Fixes #7977.

    Andrew White

  • Fixing repond_with working directly on the options hash This fixes an issue where the respond_with worked directly with the given options hash, so that if a user relied on it after calling respond_with, the hash wouldn't be the same.

    Fixes #12029.


  • Fix ActionDispatch::RemoteIp::GetIp#calculate_ip to only check for spoofing attacks if both HTTP_CLIENT_IP and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR are set.

    Fixes #10844.

    Tamir Duberstein

  • Strong parameters should permit nested number as key.

    Fixes #12293.


  • Fix regex used to detect URI schemes in redirect_to to be consistent with RFC 3986.

    Derek Prior

  • Fix incorrect assert_redirected_to failure message for protocol-relative URLs.

    Derek Prior

  • Fix an issue where router can't recognize downcased url encoding path.

    Fixes #12269.


  • Fix custom flash type definition. Misusage of the _flash_types class variable caused an error when reloading controllers with custom flash types.

    Fixes #12057.

    Ricardo de Cillo

  • Do not break params filtering on nil values.

    Fixes #12149.

    Vasiliy Ermolovich

  • Development mode exceptions are rendered in text format in case of XHR request.

    Kir Shatrov

  • Fix an issue where :if and :unless controller action procs were being run before checking for the correct action in the :only and :unless options.

    Fixes #11799.

    Nicholas Jakobsen

  • Fix an issue where assert_dom_equal and assert_dom_not_equal were ignoring the passed failure message argument.

    Fixes #11751.

    Ryan McGeary

  • Allow REMOTE_ADDR, HTTP_HOST and HTTP_USER_AGENT to be overridden from the environment passed into

    Fixes #11590.

    Andrew White

  • Fix an issue where Journey was failing to clear the named routes hash when the routes were reloaded and since it doesn't overwrite existing routes then if a route changed but wasn't renamed it kept the old definition. This was being masked by the optimised url helpers so it only became apparent when passing an options hash to the url helper.

    Andrew White

  • Skip routes pointing to a redirect or mounted application when generating urls using an options hash as they aren't relevant and generate incorrect urls.

    Fixes #8018.

    Andrew White

  • Move MissingHelperError out of the ClassMethods module.

    Yves Senn

  • Fix an issue where rails raise exception about missing helper where it should throw LoadError. When helper file exists and only loaded file from this helper does not exist rails should throw LoadError instead of MissingHelperError.

    Piotr Niełacny

  • Fix ActionDispatch::ParamsParser#parse_formatted_parameters to rewind body input stream on parsing json params.

    Fixes #11345.

    Yuri Bol, Paul Nikitochkin

  • Ignore spaces around delimiter in Set-Cookie header.

    Yamagishi Kazutoshi

  • Remove deprecated Rails application fallback for integration testing, set ActionDispatch.test_app instead.

    Carlos Antonio da Silva

  • Remove deprecated page_cache_extension config.

    Francesco Rodriguez

  • Remove deprecated constants from Action Controller:

    ActionController::AbstractRequest  => ActionDispatch::Request
    ActionController::Request          => ActionDispatch::Request
    ActionController::AbstractResponse => ActionDispatch::Response
    ActionController::Response         => ActionDispatch::Response
    ActionController::Routing          => ActionDispatch::Routing
    ActionController::Integration      => ActionDispatch::Integration
    ActionController::IntegrationTest  => ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest

    Carlos Antonio da Silva

  • Fix Mime::Type.parse when bad accepts header is looked up. Previously it was setting request.formats with an array containing a nil value, which raised an error when setting the controller formats.

    Fixes #10965.


  • Merge :action from routing scope and assign endpoint if both :controller and :action are present. The endpoint assignment only occurs if there is no :to present in the options hash so should only affect routes using the shorthand syntax (i.e. endpoint is inferred from the path).

    Fixes #9856.

    Yves Senn, Andrew White

  • Action View extracted from Action Pack.

    Piotr Sarnacki, Łukasz Strzałkowski

Please check 4-0-stable for previous changes.

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