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Rails 5.0.0.beta2 (February 01, 2016)

  • No changes.

Rails 5.0.0.beta1 (December 18, 2015)

  • config.force_ssl = true will set config.action_mailer.default_url_options = { protocol: 'https' }.

    Andrew Kampjes

  • Add config.action_mailer.deliver_later_queue_name configuration to set the mailer queue name.

    Chris McGrath

  • assert_emails in block form use the given number as expected value. This makes the error message much easier to understand.

    Yuji Yaginuma

  • Add support for inline images in mailer previews by using an interceptor class to convert cid: urls in image src attributes to data urls.

    Andrew White

  • Mailer preview now uses url_for to fix links to emails for apps running on a subdirectory.

    Remo Mueller

  • Mailer previews no longer crash when the mail method wasn't called (NullMail).

    Fixes #19849.

    Yves Senn

  • Make sure labels and values line up in mailer previews.

    Yves Senn

  • Add assert_enqueued_emails and assert_no_enqueued_emails.


    def test_emails
      assert_enqueued_emails 2 do
    def test_no_emails
      assert_no_enqueued_emails do
        # No emails enqueued here

    George Claghorn

  • Add _mailer suffix to mailers created via generator, following the same naming convention used in controllers and jobs.

    Carlos Souza

  • Remove deprecated *_path helpers in email views.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated deliver and deliver! methods.


  • Template lookup now respects default locale and I18n fallbacks.

    Given the following templates:


    Before this change, for a locale that doesn't have its associated file, the mailer/demo.html.erb would be rendered even if en was the default locale.

    Now mailer/demo.en.html.erb has precedence over the file without locale.

    Also, it is possible to give a fallback.


    So if the locale is pt-PT, mailer/ will be rendered given the right I18n fallback configuration.

    Rafael Mendonça França

Please check 4-2-stable for previous changes.

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