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Make log_level explicit in production.rb template

The 'production' environment name is currently checked for setting up
the default log_level to 'info' but that won't work if the environment
is copied to staging.rb, for instance. Better to have it explicitly set.
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rosenfeld committed Apr 16, 2012
1 parent fd12fe6 commit 21f6d723f4ffc232c62ac4ddeba4a6f67c4f51bb
@@ -32,8 +32,8 @@
# Force all access to the app over SSL, use Strict-Transport-Security, and use secure cookies.
# config.force_ssl = true
# See everything in the log (default is :info).
# config.log_level = :debug
# Set to :debug to see everything in the log.
config.log_level = :info
# Prepend all log lines with the following tags.
# config.log_tags = [ :subdomain, :uuid ]

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tilsammans Apr 19, 2012




tilsammans commented on 21f6d72 Apr 19, 2012


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