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@@ -229,6 +229,8 @@ h3. Rails Metal Applications
Rails Metal applications are minimal Rack applications specially designed for integrating with a typical Rails application. As Rails Metal Applications skip all of the Action Controller stack, serving a request has no overhead from the Rails framework itself. This is especially useful for infrequent cases where the performance of the full stack Rails framework is an issue.
+Ryan Bates' railscast on the "Rails Metal": provides a nice walkthrough generating and using Rails Metal.
h4. Generating a Metal Application
Rails provides a generator called +metal+ for creating a new Metal application:
@@ -286,6 +288,19 @@ Each string in the array should be the name of your metal class. If you do this
WARNING: Metal applications cannot return the HTTP Status +404+ to a client, as it is used for continuing the Metal chain execution. Please use normal Rails controllers or a custom middleware if returning +404+ is a requirement.
+h3. Resources
+h4. Learning Rack
+* "Official Rack Website":
+* "Introducing Rack":
+* "Ruby on Rack #1 - Hello Rack!":
+* "Ruby on Rack #2 - The Builder":
+h4. Understanding Middlewares
+* "Railscast on Rack Middlewares":
h3. Changelog
"Lighthouse ticket":

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