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Removed obsolete "advanced" plugin URLs.

These plugins are obsolete even for Rails 2, they have no place in a Rails 3 guide.
Also removed "mad cool" reference.

If anyone has ideas about cache plugins that *must* be included, I would love to know.
As far as I am concerned the rails guides should stick to built-in methods and have a
simple list of references for people wishing to investigate further.

I will check out the references after this commit to see if they're up to date.
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commit 3c620bed8c266940410e174a51c2ae74fa0cd1de 1 parent de88030
Joost Baaij authored September 29, 2010
7  railties/guides/source/caching_with_rails.textile
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@@ -362,13 +362,6 @@ class ProductsController < ApplicationController
362 362
363 363
364 364
-h3. Advanced Caching
-Along with the built-in mechanisms outlined above, a number of excellent plugins exist to help with finer grained control over caching. These include Chris Wanstrath's excellent cache_fu plugin (more info "here": ) and Evan Weaver's interlock plugin (more info "here": ). Both of these plugins play nice with memcached and are a must-see for anyone
-seriously considering optimizing their caching needs.
-Also the new "Cache money": plugin is supposed to be mad cool.
372 365
 h3. References
373 366
374 367
 * "Scaling Rails Screencasts":

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