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@@ -893,12 +893,6 @@ h4. Ajax Injection
If you use the "in_place_editor plugin":, or actions that return a string, rather than rendering a view, _(highlight)you have to escape the return value in the action_. Otherwise, if the return value contains a XSS string, the malicious code will be executed upon return to the browser. Escape any input value using the h() method.
-h4. RJS Injection
--- _Don't forget to escape in JavaScript (RJS) templates, too._
-The RJS API generates blocks of JavaScript code based on Ruby code, thus allowing you to manipulate a view or parts of a view from the server side. <em class="highlight">If you allow user input in RJS templates, do escape it using +escape_javascript()+ within JavaScript functions, and in HTML parts using +h()+</em>. Otherwise an attacker could execute arbitrary JavaScript.
h4. Command Line Injection
-- _Use user-supplied command line parameters with caution._

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